Picture Modification

Beautify the pictures according to your requirements, repairing old photos.

Offline Seminar

One-to-one or one-to-many offline seminars to share experience and solve problems.

Custom Design

Design your LOGO or trademark and get their digital files.

I am very proud of the service I provide and stand by every service I carry.

I am committed to taking better photos to complete outstanding ideas, while constantly improving the technical content of the pictures. Use novel technologies to complete various designs and functions in the image field.

What makes I different?

Excellent communication and transparent prices enable me to better serve every customer. Each case will give a transparent price, and they will have some standard pricing plans, which depend on specific requirements.

  1. Price transparency
  2. On-demand customization
  3. Technical consulting
  4. Remote Assistance
  5. One-to-one service
  6. Perfect after-sales